Songwriting and Guitar Teaching

I've spruced up my Lessons page (listed on the top navigation bar), to list some specific songwriting and guitar lessons that I offer. I can teach in person in Denver, or via Skype for those elsewhere. Email me at if you're interested in taking lessons from me.

--Rob April 14, 2019

The Voice of Doubt

I released a new single under the Total Flower Chaos bandname. It's called "The Voice of Doubt." You can try-before-you-buy and then download it if you like it on the Total Flower Chaos Bandcamp site.

--Rob February 21, 2019

2018 Year in Review

2018 was a great year for my music. Click the Blog link on the top navigation bar of this page for details.

--Rob December 31, 2018

Fall and Winter Gigs

I played 6 gigs this fall, mostly with Scupanon and a couple with Electric Poetry. Things are going well. We're picking up new fans at every show. And that continues into the winter, with a Scupanon show scheduled every month, and an Electric Poetry show in Denver in the works for January. As always, click the Shows tab on the top navigation bar to see where I'm playing.

--Rob November 9, 2018

Back to Gigging

I didn't have any shows scheduled this summer after mid-June, for either of my bands, so I focused on songwriting during this period. I finished up a rock song tentatively titled "The Way," and an acoustic song called "The Last Generation," continued work on others, and started several more. I tend to work on songs in parallel. Other songwriters work one song at a time. That didn't work for me, so I developed a "non-linear" method of songwriting.

I've been attending the Rocky Mountain Song School and Folks Festival in Lyons, Colorado for many years; 1999 in the case of the Folks Fest, and 2004 in the case of the Song School. It was the 2004 Song School that really got me going on songwriting. This year, I was a teacher at the Song School, and a performer at the Folks Festival. My class at Song School was called "Generating Music Ideas for Songs" and it was very well-attended. Several students came up to me after and said it was helpful to them.

Then, on the opening day of the Folks Festival, I played solo acoustic along with songwriter Bill Nash on the second stage, known as the Wildflower Pavillion. Bill and I traded songs back and forth. There were probably 100-120 people there. As you know, I rarely play solo; I like to play in bands. So I have to admit I was a little nervous. I played "Me," "I Didn't Believe," "The Man in the Movies" and "3-Legged Dog." The biggest applause from this crowd was probably for "I Didn't Believe."

It was a great week. I camped out for 8 days on the grounds. I reconnected with old friends and made some wonderful new friends. Song circles form in the campgrounds, and some of the ones I participated in (or instigated) were among the best of all the years I've been going there.

Now that we're into the fall, I'm back to gigging. I have a lot of gigs scheduled in Colorado, mostly for my acoustic group, Scupanon. Click the Shows link on the top navigation bar of this page for details.

--Rob September 1, 2018

Performing, Songwriting, Composing, Recording

The last 6 months of my life have been dominated by playing gigs with my two bands, Electric Poetry and Scupanon. Both bands are moving forward, making new fans, playing new songs, and getting better.

I had to take a day job in January to pay the bills, and that has hampered my ability to find time for other music work I'd like to do, such as songwriting and composing music for TV and Film. But the gig schedule is slowing down in the summer, so I hope to carve out time for those two things.

I would like to record some of the new songs I've written in the past 6 years, and have been performing with my new bands. Finding funding, of course, is the main obstacle. If you'd like to help, you can purchase my old CDs or song downloads on my Bandcamp site. You can also join The Misfit Club on the same site, and make regular contributions for as little as $5/month. Members of The Misfit Club receive exclusive emails with songs-in-progress, and other things that I don't send out to my regular email list.

--Rob June 10, 2018

Electric Poetry on the Rise

Electric Poetry played Herman's Hideaway on February 8 as part of their "Best in the West" series. It's a contest where one band out 5 advances to the next round. We won, and played the second round March 23. We won again, and have advanced to the semi-finals on April 6. These things are based mainly on fan turnout, and we've had good turnouts from friends and fans.

Scupanon, my acoustic band, has also been playing shows, and has more scheduled. See the Shows page on this website for upcoming Electric Poetry and Scupanon shows.

I added a music player to this page for Electric Poetry, with recordings from some of our live shows. Look over to the right, under my main music player. If you click on the link to the Electric Poetry Reverbnation page, you can see photos and videos, and become an Electric Poetry fan. Enjoy!

--Rob April 1, 2018

2017 Review and 2018 Goals

See my blog for my looking back on 2017 as a year of transition, and my goals for 2018.

--Rob January 24, 2018

Have a Listen

Bands and Projects

Electric Poetry

This is my songwriter-oriented rock band. In 2017 I met three great musicians-- Jay Meikrantz on drums, Sean Mullen on bass and Paul Webb on lead guitar-- and started jamming with them. They liked my songs, and we decided to form a band. Janet Lipson soon joined on backing vocals. We started playing out in the fall of 2017, and things are really taking off. Go to our Reverbnation site and become a fan. If you subscribe to my email list you'll be kept up-to-date on shows.


Scupanon is my acoustic singer-songwriter band. It is a partnership between violinist Paul Ermisch and myself. A few percussionists and upright bass players have come and gone, so we are back to playing as a duo. We play frequently along the Colorado Front Range. For the Scupanon website, click here.

Total Flower Chaos

This is my hard rock/noise/psychedelic rock project. The debut 5-song EP, "Roses", was released in June, 2016. As of now, there is no band, as I've been spending my time with Electric Poetry and Scupanon. But I do want to eventually form one when I meet the right musicians. For the Total Flower Chaos website, click here.

Rob Roper Solo Recordings

I how have about 10-12 unrecorded songs that don't fit the above categories, and continue to write more. Eventually they will appear on another solo record, depending on when I can find the time and funding.

Producer Work

I have produced my own last few recordings (Total Flower Chaos, Word, and The Other Side of Nowhere), and am currently producing an EP for Denver singer-songwriter Jim Broyles. I am looking for other singer-songwriters or bands to produce. If you would like to consider me as a producer for your recording project, please email me at and we'll discuss it. For more info, click on the Producer link at the top of this page.

Movie Work

I am also looking to license my songs for movies, as well as compose original music for film projects. If you are a film director or music director, and would like to work with me on your project, please email me at


I am now offering songwriting and guitar lessons. If you are interested, please email me at

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