Rob Roper Producer Page

Updated July 29, 2017

How I Can Help You

I am currently looking to produce recording projects for bands or singer-songwriters. Please email me at if you would like to discuss hiring me for your project. I can help you with the songwriting, to make the lyrics, melody, rhythm and chords the best they can be. And I can work up great arrangements for your songs. For more info, read on...

What is a Producer?

If you are signed by a record company, the company will assign a producer to oversee the overall musical aspects of the project. The producer will find a studio and hire a recording engineer. For a solo artist, the producer will line up the studio musicians. The producer will work out the instrumentation and arrangements of the songs. The producer will likely be involved in the song selection, and may even get involved in the songwriting level. And finally, it's the producer's job to bring out the best performance of the musicians in the studio.

For independent artists, you are the record company. So you hire the producer; the producer works for you. If you already know how you want the songs to sound; that is, if you already know how you want the songs to be arranged, and you don't want anybody's else's help or input, then you don't need a producer; you are the producer; the album is self-produced. But if you want help with the arrangements, maybe even help with the songwriting, and you want someone to help you get the best performance possible in the studio, then you hire a producer.

What's the difference between a Producer and an Engineer?

The producer does the tasks described above, among others. The engineer sets up the microphones and recording equipment, and records the performances. The mixing engineer mixes the tracks. Sometimes the producer and the engineer are the same person. But the roles are different. The engineer's role is technical, the producer's role is creative. The engineer is mostly concerned with the equipment, the producer is concerned with the artist and the songs. That's an oversimplification, but hopefully it helps explain the difference.

Although I have recorded many songs, I believe my primary talent is as a producer. I can easily engineer demos songs for a solo artist, but if you want to hire me to produce a professional recording, I would suggest we use a good studio and a professional engineer. I can recommend some for you.

Recording Projects Produced by Rob Roper


Rob Roper, Word. (Download-only EP) (Engineered by Rob Roper and Brian Hunter)


Dorian, Band Demo. (Engineered by Brian Hunter)


Rob Roper, The Other Side of Nowhere (CD) Co-produced with Brian Hunter. (Engineered by Brian Hunter)


Michelle Wolff, Demo. (Engineered by Rob Roper)


Rob Roper, Me (EP) (Engineered by Brian Hunter)


Rob Roper, Some Songs I Wrote (EP) (Engineered by Rob Roper)