Thanks to...

Santa Claus, for giving me a guitar for Christmas when I was 12, and my parents for paying for guitar lessons and driving me to them every Saturday morning.

All my guitar teachers, whose names I've long since forgotten.

Bonnie Starr, my singing teacher in Tucson, Arizona (please don't blame her for my singing). I also want to thank Bonnie for encouraging me to write. I wrote my first song at her prodding.

Kurt Loken, my partner in the band, Faded Innocence (Tucson, AZ, 1994-1995). Kurt encouraged me to write for the band, and I wrote two songs. He gave me constructive criticism which improved them. And he gave me the freedom to compose the music and arrangements for his songs. I grew as a composer, and got my start as a songwriter, while working with Kurt. I still enjoy listening to the music that we created.

The staff, teachers and fellow songwriters at the Rocky Mountain Song School in Lyons, Colorado.

All the members of the Denver Songwriting Group.

The folks on the forum at who helped me learn the Yamaha AW16G digital recorder, and Joe Bregande, who gave me recording and mixing tips. Also thanks to Lori Cook, for passing on mixing tips from Eric (who I haven't met).

Gerhard Huber of Photoline Software, for his excellent customer service, which allowed me to design the artwork for the CD.