Private and Group Lessons

I offer private songwriting and group lessons. These are offered at my home for those in the Denver area, and via Skype for those elsewhere. To find out more, get rates, or schedule a session, send an email to


Songwriting for Beginners

If you'd like to try your hand at songwriting, I can help get you started. All you need is a desire and a willingness to devote some time to it. This can be done in person or over the internet.

Generating Music Ideas for Songs

This works for songwriters of all levels. If you find yourself using the same chords, rhythm or melody styles in your songs, and would like to change things up, this class is for you. In person or over the internet.

Generating Lyric Ideas for Songs

Drawing a blank for lyric ideas? I can give you some exercises to generate new lyric ideas. For songwriters of all levels. In person or over the internet.

Beginning Guitar

Want to learn guitar? I can get you started. This is best done in person, although we could try it over the internet.

Intermediate Guitar

Let me know what you what to learn, and if I know it, I'll teach it!

Guitar for Songwriters

This will teach you new guitar techniques so you can diversify your songs musically.

Songwriting for Guitar Players

Have you been playing other people's songs, but always wanted to write your own? I can help get you going.

Songwriting Teaching Experience

November 2019, Univ of Denver Writers Series, Denver, Colorado:

August 2018, Rocky Mountain Song School, Lyons, Colorado:

Designed and taught class, "Generating Music Ideas for Songs."

July-August 2017 Denver, Colorado:

Gave 4-part class on "Non-linear Songwriting"

2012 to present:

Individual mentoring of songwriters.


August, 2015 - May, 2017, Metro State University, Denver, Colorado.

Completed two years of Music Classes, including Music Theory I, II, III and IV.

Student, Rocky Mountain Song School, 2004-2017 (most years)

First guitar lessons at age 12, many more over the years.

Many voice lessons and piano lessons over the years.

1978, Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, University of Houston


For information on songwriting or guitar lessons, send an email to